Make Performance Cultural

There are frameworks, systems, processes, and tactics that are proven to make improving company and team performance easier, more enjoyable and more sustainable, as you can make performance cultural. It's our job to deliver these to you. Welcome to ZOKRI.

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Measuring What Matters, Matters

Aberdeen research found that Data Driven companies experience a 27% year-over-year increase in revenue, compared to 7% for other organisation. But we all know that a data-driven company that is metric and insight driven is going to perform better than one that is not.

So ZOKRI will help you measure what matters and be data-driven.

Goal Setting Works, Do It Brilliantly

Academic research found that goals are proven to help employee performance with the value of better Goals estimated at over $9,000 per year, per employee, and increase in employee output of over 9%.

Again this is not surprising. We all know that goals, especially hard ones help us to achieve more.

However, you will also have noticed that goal setting, goal tracking and the continuous engagement with goals can be a struggle.

ZOKRI will help you set much better goals, track goal progress with ease, and keep everyone focused on what needs to be achieved.

We Achieve What We Aim For

And when it comes to the day-to-day doing that achieves goals, it is common for employees to not be doing what they rationally should be, choosing other priorities instead. We're all human, and most of us need help to stay focused. After all if you do it's good for the company and your career.

There are ways to help avoid behaviours like that. These include:

The positive association with what is being done with what needs to be achieved Transparency of goals and preferred project or task selection Performance accountability And keeping goals front-of-mind to avoid inattentional blindness So when it comes to the day-to-day, ZOKRI will improve the alignment and effectiveness of what is being done to achieve your goals.

Founders On A Mission

Matt Roberts

Matt is a SaaS founder who’s already guided a VC funded SaaS product to exit. Matt heads the Product and the Vision behind the product. ZOKRI builds on is passion for helping people and companies succeed with the help of better systems, processes and technology.

Dr Martin Armstrong

Martin is a CTO / COO with a proven track record of building complex software products. He’s one of those super smart people every company wants and needs, and is in charge of making sure the complex engineering behind ZOKRI and the needs of our customers are realized.

David Allan

David is a software generalist with 25+ years experience in academia, computational chemistry, financial services, applied psychology and martech. His ability to make the really hard achievable is something we marvel at daily. Simply put, engineering brilliance.

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